Cub Christmas Party

Tonight was the Cub party, and families were invited to stay. Brianna had no interest in going, so I went along as per Sean’s request. I – and most of the other parents – ended up sitting around talking, while the Scouts led the Cubs in various activities. We had been asked to take a treat for 8-10 people, so Brianna had baked a banana chocolate chip snack cake. There was plenty of food, and once the kids had eaten, parents were invited to help themselves.
It’s odd though, every year we are asked to contribute $5 towards gifts, and every year Sean seems to get something worth more than that….this year he got a little Tech Deck figure and a science kit – something to do with stomach things, I didn’t look too closely, it looked kinda creepy, but he was excited.
Santa made a visit to hand out the gifts, and since the Beaver leader had forgotten her camera, she asked me to take photos of all the kids when it was their turn with Santa. She wants me to put them on a disc for her…gulp, never done that before, but I’m sure I can figure it out….
Overall he seemed to have a good time.
But you never know with Sean. He keeps a lot inside, I think.

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