Does this qualify as being “proofed”?

Last night I took Sean to buy new snow boots. I’d been after him for weeks to try on his old ones to see if they fit, but of course he hadn’t. Then we have a snowfall and he realizes they’re too tight. Sigh.

So off we go to Zellers, where we find some that fit. And since they’re mens sizing, they’re way more expensive. Lovely. But they had 30%off, and I have a 10% discount card, so we headed for the cash.

Now, this discount card is a student discount card, and generally one must show student ID to use it. However, merchants participating in the program are issued VIP cards which say right on the front “no student id required”. In all the times I’ve used this card, I’ve never been asked for ID. Until last night. There was a new cashier and she had to call over a supervisor to help her enter the discount, so the supervisor explained she had to ask to see student ID. I told her it didn’t need ID because it was a merchant card and she looked at me like I had 10 heads, so I just handed her the card and let her read it for herself. She was quite surprised, and said she’d never seen one like that before!  That was the highlight of my evening, and it quite made me laugh, until I remembered that I don’t really have anyone to share the humour with anymore, and I realized that I have, in effect, lost my best friend.

Does being ‘proofed’ and asked for my student id make up for that? Not a hope in hell.

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