Quick Update

1. We have baby hamsters. Much to our shock, Saturday morning we discovered a bunch of wriggling little baby hamsters hidden in the cage. We have counted at least five….

2. Sean finished this session of swim class tonight, needing only one more skill to pass his first attempt at level 8! We’re taking the next session off – in what has turned out to be a serendipitous decision – so he gets another shot at breast stroke in March.

3. I bought Sean new boots tonight. Men’s size 8! Holy feet!

4. Events of Saturday have turned our lives completely on end, but for details you’ll have to contact me to request permission to view my new private blog. Good luck with that.

5. It’s snowing. Blech.

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One Response to Quick Update

  1. bats says:

    Requests permission. And sends more hugs.

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