In which our heroine is considering a new direction…

Ok, yeah, I’m behind. Get over it.

We had a rather busy weekend – Friday night being the second part of Brianna’s grading. It was supposed to start at 8, but due to a kids’ graduation running over, they got going at about 8:20. Basics, kata, sparring, self defense, board breaking (yes, I said board breaking) and general questions later, and we were on our way home at 11:45. We don’t know for sure yet, but I’m reasonably certain she passed and will receive her black belt. The board breaking was fascinating. Each of the junior black candidates broke one board using a strike of their choice. The man going for full black broke through two at once. I should add that each board was 7/8″ thick…. The man going for third degree black broke through two board using a jumping side kick – very showy and impressive. And the man going for fourth degree broke through two using his elbow. Don’t get in HIS way while shopping, that elbow is deadly!

Then Saturday night was the annual Santa Claus parade. I love the night parades, with the lights all sparkly. Sean walked with the Scouts entry, carrying one of the flags. I didn’t get a photo because I didn’t see him till he was nearly past, even though I was looking for him. My company had an entry – a decorated bus. Odd that, since none of the drivers I’ve talked with – including me – had any clue that we had an entry. Now, maybe I’m just weird, but to me, the face of Sharp Bus Lines is the drivers. We are the ones the kids, parents and school officials see every single day. We are the ones who should be walking in the parade so that our riders can see us and connect. Who was in the parade? Office staff and two drivers – one of whom was driving. Wrong, so wrong on so many counts. Why aren’t drivers involved? Why haven’t we been invited to participate? Why the secrecy about Sharps’ involvement in the parade? Just wrong, and very distasteful to me.

Sunday I ended up taking Sean shopping. We got our Christmas cards (which I wrote and addressed while he was at swim class tonight!) and a gift for him to give Brianna for Christmas, and we bought a set of winter themed earrings for her to wear now. He also gave me some ideas for gifts for him, but with how expensive it all is, we may have to ask for Santa’s help….

So, getting back to the title….. I’ve been wandering round all these different blogs and have noticed that most of them have a central theme. Meaning that most of their posts focus on a specific area, like cross stitching or crafts or scrapbooking or photography or religion or whatever. Mind you, the religion ones I tend to flee from really fast, lol; very little turns me off faster than someone pontificating about how righteous they are – and truly, if you have to drone on and on in your blog about god’s goodness and god’s greatness, who are you really trying to convince? Sure as hell not me – yourself maybe?

Where was I? Oh, right. Which has made me wonder if I should perhaps have a central focus here. Which would be what? I’m not rabid about any causes. I’m not into any one craft deeply enough to devote an entire blog to it. Yes, I scrapbook, yes, I cross stitch, yes I sew, but not enough to dedicate my blog to ranting on about it. There’d be, let’s see, maybe four entries in a year? Nope, not happening. I suppose I could make it a focal point for school bus drivers to hang out. Can’t you just hear them in the bus garages around the country? “Hey, did you read yesterday’s entry in the Manic Musings of a Maddened Mom Turned School Bus Driver” blog?” “Yeah, I did, man, she hit the nail right on the head with that story! And did you see her story about the kindergartner undressing in the front seat? Nearly split my pants laughing, I did!”


Nope, don’t think so.

So what to do? What direction to go in? Considering that the original purpose of my blog way back was to allow family and friends I don’t see often to keep in touch with all the little minutiae of my life, I guess I should really carry on with that. Thing is, I think only one person from back then actually still reads this. *waves at the bat* I guess I’ll just carry on the way I have been, rambling on and on about the trivia of my life. I’ll leave the deep, analytical stuff to others, because truly, I’m neither deep nor analytical. What you see is pretty much what you get – and what you don’t see is what lies so deep that no one really sees, and certainly won’t be trotted out here. So stay tuned for more of the same….

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  1. bats says:

    *waves back at Sue* 😛

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