So much to do, so little time…

I haven’t even started my holiday cards yet. I haven’t even bought the damned things. I haven’t even written the annual letter, and part of me is thinking I just won’t bother – I’ll do what the rest of the universe does and just generically sign cards, stuff them in envelopes and ship them out. But I have a hard time doing that. In this day of virtually no personal mail, it seems such a waste to go to the trouble of mailing a card with no letter enclosed. I’m not totally sure what on earth I’m going to write this year, because it hasn’t exactly been a stellar year here – Paul still working at the same place – well, different location, same company; me still driving school bus on the same route; Sean at the same school, oh, wait, big news, he dropped out of enrichment. Like I’m going to include that tidbit. I guess the only one who had an exciting year is Brianna….first serious boyfriend, first fancy dress dance, grading for black belt….yeah, that’s all very exciting. So I suppose my entire letter can be about Brianna. Ok, that’s settled, I’ll go write it now.

Or not.

Maybe later.

We had an incredibly productive day yesterday, which seems to have started me on a roll. Over the course of yesterday we put away the patio furniture, removed and put away the leaf net off the pool cover, discovered a broken fence support (which would have turned into a bigger problem over winter and goodness knows we don’t need any more fence problems) and fixed it, washed the living room and dining room windows, hung holiday lights on both those windows, AND I actually finished the new curtains for those windows and got them hung up! AND I made the matching curtain for the front door and got it up as well! So yeah, I’d say it was a good day!

Today I worked, obviously, but I spent several hours sewing on some holiday projects while doing laundry. I got three loads done AND put away, and one of my projects totally completed! I spent a couple hours in the doctor’s office with Brianna – routine checkup, she’s not sick – cooked dinner, tidied up, looked at the rest of the laundry and thought, ‘to hell with it, it’ll still be there tomorrow!’

Tomorrow’s job? *thinks* I just had an idea. I wonder if it would help me commit to getting things done if I write here what I plan to do the next day, and then report whether I did it or not? It’s not like anyone else reads this blog but me, so it’s kind of like talking to myself….

OK, so tomorrow’s jobs are: 1) finish cleaning one of B’s bookcases 2) at least one load of laundry 3) empty the box of early holiday decorations that is sitting in the dining room getting in the way 4) deal with the items on the bedroom floor intended for charity (since the charity pickup is Dec 1) 5) dig out that pair of old sandals of Sean’s from under the bed and see if they’re good enough still to send off to charity 6) remember to come back here to check on what I was supposed to do, and report on if I did it…..

Stay tuned to see how I do…

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2 Responses to So much to do, so little time…

  1. Annie Piché says:

    You know, about those christmas cards, you’re not like the rest of the universe since most of em don’t even send cards. Either they send crappy emails that sings (gosh I HATE those things) or they won’t do a thing AT ALL. So, in my point of view, you’re WAY better then the rest of the universe since you take the time to do it!

  2. bats says:

    “It’s not like anyone else reads this blog but me, so it’s kind of like talking to myself….”

    They do, honest! It’s just not as regular as it used to be. Its pretty busy here too, and yet seem to be getting little done, house is still a tip, but the shredder has been busy, and the paper recycler keeps filling.

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