WKO Championships, part trois,

After both kids had competed – and won – they got changed, and we headed out for lunch, then home for some quiet time (read that, nap for me!) before the banquet at night. I’m not going to say anything about how I came by my four tickets, which were selling for $40 each, but I guarantee I did not steal them, nor did I murder anyone to get them, but I did not pay for them.

The banquet was semi-formal, which of course got Brianna thrilled to no end about getting all glamorous, but which left us with a bit of a dilemma for Sean. We found out at pretty much the last minute (Thurs night) we were going, so I spent Friday doing laundry to make sure his dressy pants (Cub uniform pants) were clean. He has a dressy white long sleeved shirt he got in a bag of hand-me-downs, and Paul tied a tie for him so all we had to do was tighten and loosen it.  We got ourselves all dressed up –

…and headed off to the dinner. It was fun to see everyone dressed up, and Brianna was treated like an adult, which thrilled her to bits. Sensei Brabant hugged her and kissed her cheek, and she got hugged by some of the other adult men, and many of them, both men and women, told her she looked lovely. Dinner was good, but felt rushed, as the speeches took too long – and were, of course, late getting started…the whole karate time thing happening again. The kids weren’t too impressed with dinner – they don’t like green beans, they didn’t care for the taste of the roast potatoes, and the chicken was a bit greasy – but the desserts went over very well! (I ended up taking them out to grab pizza after, to fill up their tummies)

We stayed to watch the black belt finals, kata and weapons, but left before the sparring began. I would’ve liked to see the sparring, but Sean was starving and very tired, and truly, I was also exhausted.

To sum it up – a very exciting, exhausting, but satisfying weekend for all. Next up….Brianna’s birthday, followed by Sean’s grading, followed by Halloween, followed by a visit up north for me, followed by Brianna’s black belt grading…..then Christiane’s visit, then Christmas. Holy Hannah, my life is insane!

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