Memory Lane

I was looking through some old photos in search of a topic to write about today and came across this one…

Sean, playing.

Notice, if you will, the plethora of toys littering my living room. Truly, it doesn’t seem so very long ago, but by the date on the pic I see it was 8 years ago.  One thing my kids never lacked was toys. I know that I over-compensated for my own lack of toys as a child by making sure my kids had more than they needed. Mind you, I did much of my toy shopping at garage sales. For Christmas when Brianna was two, we gave her a toy kitchen I’d purchased for $10 at a garage sale. Did she realize it wasn’t in a box? Did she care if it wasn’t the newest model out there? Nope. And my mom paid another $10 for a nice set of toy dishes, and I believe Santa gave her a big box of toy food, so she was in little girl heaven, and it didn’t cost us much. Which was probably a good thing.

My living room doesn’t look like that anymore. Sure, there are still cars and a car mat on the floor, or perhaps a train set, or some Lego type buildings, but not nearly so much. Do I miss that era? In a way, yes, because it seemed so much easier to care for their needs and to teach them. But also, no, because life does move on, and there’s not much point in longing for the past back. Looking back with a sweet smile on memories however, is very pleasant.

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One Response to Memory Lane

  1. Sean says:

    I was so cute!

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