The staying power of technology

I was thinking earlier today about all the work I’d put into my space over on MSN Spaces. I had lists of information about my family, pets, likes and dislikes, links to specific blog posts that let the reader into the depths of this odd psyche that is me, and most of all, photos. I had many photo albums there. I used it to share photos with family and friends long before I was on Facebook. And now it’s all gone. If you try to access my Space, it sends you over here. Where there are no lists, no photos, nothing but old blog posts. Yes, I guess I could rebuild, but it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the effort.

Which made me think about technology. We have technology today that wasn’t even imaginable less than 50 years ago. And the speed with which our technology is advancing is staggering. You buy a computer and it’s obsolete before you’ve even left the store. You buy a new cell phone that does everything but cook the Thanksgiving turkey, and by the time you’re home, your best friend has bought one that WILL cook the damn turkey! And to what purpose? I can see where advances in technology are good for industry, medicine and other areas, but for the average person at home? Really, do I need to be able to access Facebook on my cell phone to let everyone on my friends list know up to the minute exactly what I am up to? Seriously, who really cares? Am I so very important that being out of communications range for even an hour might cause the end of civilization as we know it? I don’t think so. And you know what? You’re not that important either. Sorry.

So here we have all this wonderful technology that made it possible for me to share my daily thoughts with lots of people, and post photos for them to see. And what happened? It’s gone. My words remain, but my photos and lists have seemingly vanished.  Doesn’t say much for the security and longevity of all those photos so many of us have stored all over the internet, does it.

And on the other hand, let’s talk about my current favourite hobby – scrapbooking. I take lots of photos, I actually get them printed (you know, that old fashioned thing where you get a paper copy of the photo that you can actually hold in your hand and show people?), and I make fancy layouts with them. I write the stories behind the photos, I add pretty embellishments, and I have books that tell our story. Books that will last for a very long time. Much longer than the albums I did online survived. I am quite certain that Facebook and WordPress will be long gone and my albums will still be around. Mind you, after a few generations they might be considered boring, but they’ll still be around.

So which is more dependable, technology or old fashioned memory keeping? I think I know.

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