Baby Mouse…

After dinner tonight Sean headed back downstairs to the computers. He hadn’t been gone more than a minute when Brianna and I heard him hollering for me to come down right away! “It’s an emergency, Mom!” Silly me asked what kind of emergency, and he replied, “There’s a dead mouse!”


And yes, there was. Lying on its side on the carpet, looking most dead, was a wee, tiny mouseling, covered in cobwebs, presumably from under the aquarium stand. Needless to say, both Brianna and Sean were most distressed. And me? I went hunting for paper towel to gather up the body. But when I got back to the mouse, I realized it was not actually dead, just nearly so. Brianna realized this about the same time, which of course gave rise to a whole new issue – what exactly does one do with a nearly dead baby mouseling? I didn’t figure my kids would be all too impressed with Mommy if she whacked it with a shoe and chucked it in the garbage, so I managed to very carefully get it onto the paper towel, with the idea of getting it off the cold floor. It struggled a bit, but was very weak. I carefully picked away as much of the cobwebs as I could, wondering if that was part of the problem. And Brianna went for the cheese. So there we were with a nearly dead baby mouseling lying on a paper towel on the floor with a shred of cheese beside his nose.

I had to take B to the dollar store for bristol board for a project, and decided it would be best to just leave the poor mouseling alone, since he was most likely going to die anyhow. We told Sean to just leave it alone, and off we went. We were gone maybe a half hour. When we got back – there was no mouseling to be seen! But then B found him, on the floor about six feet away – BUT, he’d made an amazing¬†recovery, and when she approached him, he skittered off across the floor, looking remarkably healthy! When last spotted, he was scampering into hiding under my computer desk.

On the one hand, I’m kind of glad the story had a happy ending, for my kids’ sake, but on the other hand…..there’s a mouse in my computer room.

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