Um…hello? Hello? Does this thing still work?

Yeah, ok, so it’s been over a month since I wrote. Get over it.
How to encapsulate the last month in a paragraph or less…hmmm….I was depressed, I had very little money, I haven’t done much, and I’m still not finished the dratted cross stitch I committed to myself to finish by the end of the summer.
Sounds pretty grim, doesn’t it. But it’s not that bad, really. Good stuff has happened.
We went up to Cedar Lodge for our usual August weekend. We were all supposed to go, but the week before, Paul was promoted to a bigger store in a new district, and the district manager was off the week Paul had scheduled, so Paul couldn’t get that week. We had a good drive up, except for the monster rainstorm that hit when we were in Belleville. We had to stop in a parking lot and wait for the rain to let up, it was that hard! We had a lovely few days at the lodge, very relaxing, getting away from everything, resting, sleeping, very nice indeed. The craft show at the high school was its usual excellent quality and I picked up a few Christmas gifts. I now have a grand total of three gifts bought for Christmas!
A couple weeks ago we decided to go to the beach at Southampton. There’s an island just off the coast called Chantry Island, with a restored lighthouse, and you can take a boat over and tour the lighthouse. We had intended to do that, but didn’t realize it’s a very small boat – holds 9 – and with an increased interest in the lighthouse due to its having been included in a website of little known spots – we didn’t get to go. So we walked along the beach, then hopped into the car and went back down to Goderich for the remainder of the day. It was windy and the waves were high, so the kids had a wonderful time jumping in the waves. We had dinner at Pizza Hut, and when it became obvious that the sunset wasn’t going to be very exciting that night, we headed for home.
I also spent some time working this month. Sharps has expanded immensely over the past year, buying up some smaller companies and aggressively going after board contracts. We have new yards in Vaughan and Guelph, and have expanded in Kitchener. This of course meant the need to buy new buses. Lots of new buses. First though, we had to take some buses from our yard to the other yards, so that all yards had a mix of older and newer buses. I did one trip to Guelph and one to Vaughan with older buses. Then a group of 48 of us was bused up to a place called Elgin, north of Kingston, where we picked up brand new buses to bring back down. It was a 5 hour trip up there, but took longer to come down because of hitting Toronto closer to peak traffic time. It was a lot of fun though, but I would have like to have had an FM radio in the bus. I was so bored I started talking to myself, lol. They actually did this four times, but each group was only allowed to go twice, so you could rest between. Unfortunately I couldn’t go on my second run because it was the day we were scheduled to leave for up north. Oh well, I did have fun on the trip I did get in.
Then this week I got to do some more bus deliveries, this time mini buses. There was a group of about 22 of us, and we did one trip to Guelph, two trips to Vaughan, and two to Kitchener. The Kitchener trips were the most fun – we took back roads and it was a beautiful day for driving.
The really neat thing is that while we are being paid for it, they’re banking the hours for us till we go back in the fall, and we’ll get paid then. The idea is so that we don’t have to claim it on our employment insurance claims, and get our payments from that reduced. Nice of them, I thought. Which reminds me, I really must go fill out my EI report which is due today. Thank goodness for online stuff!
I’m sure there’s more I should write about, but I just realized I need to go start potatoes for dinner. For what it’s worth, I’m feeling better, not nearly so depressed, and definitely more optimistic!
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