Just a short note to point out a positive….I spent a lot of time today out back cross stitching. It was way too hot to work on cleaning up the post-fence mess, so I just did a couple small things out back, cleaned my patio table, and cross stitched. It wasn’t too hot if you were sitting relatively still….and knowing that my snarky neighbour couldn’t see me was an added bonus!
But I have to say, this solar blanket roller is the most pointless design I have ever seen. The ones we had previously stood in one place and turned on an axel to let the blanket roll out freely. This thing sits in feet, and doesn’t turn nicely at all. In fact, it’s damned hard to work with! We’ll see how long we put up with it….
On a darker note, I’m feeling really down today. No reason at all, which is what bugs me the most. Aside from having no money, I truly have no reason to be gloomy, I just am. It won’t last, I’ll survive, I always do.
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