Positive vs Negative

As regular readers (ha! like there are any anymore?) may be aware, the past year has been very stressful for me and my family. There have been a lot of negative, difficult things going on, and I have been finding it very hard to maintain an outlook that is even remotely positive. I haven’t wanted to write here because, frankly, there isn’t much good to write about. And unless I’m ranting or venting, I find it depressing to write about all the blah stuff in my life.
Last week I decided to force myself to be positive. I decided I was going to write here every single day, and every entry had to be about one positive thing, no matter how tiny or insignificant it might be. Unfortunately that decision coincided with a sudden and thankfully brief plunge into depression. I didn’t want to get out of bed – but I did. I didn’t want to cook – but I did, more or less. I didn’t want to do anything at all but be grumpy and tense, and cry. Luckily, it didn’t last long, only about four days, and I have returned to my more-or-less normal state, whatever that may be.
And I have some positive things to write about!
1. My fence is DONE! Last Monday an incredibly hot guy appeared on my doorstep from the company Paul had hired to do the postholes – well, actually, he WAS the company. He had two not-so-hot helpers, and between them they got the three postholes dug, the posts set up and concreted in, AND they also straightened the posts on each side of the yard that the city inspector had pounced on as being the problems (since he couldn’t get in to see the back fence, which was the REAL problem!).
We had to let the posts set for 48 hours, so on Thurs night Paul did the first section, Sat night he did the second one, and on Sunday he did the remaining two.
Some explanation required, I think…originally there were three 8 foot sections, with the posts set in concrete. And how, pray tell, were we supposed to dig out the huge masses of concrete that the posts were set in? So we cheated and put up four 6 foot sections instead, which put the posts at different spots. I had the brilliant idea of cutting out the entire section of fence, removing a couple boards from each end, shortening the stringers and resetting it between the new posts. And it worked! From the three 8 foot sections, we made three 6 foot sections, which meant we only needed to buy boards  for the fourth section, which a) cost far less than building all four sections new and b) saved a HUGE pile of wood from ending up in the landfill site. After all, it’s all about reducing garbage and waste, and reusing what we can, right? And there was nothing wrong with the sections of fence, it was just the posts that had rotted at the bases. The sections are strong and sturdy still, and will hold up for a good number of years yet.
So I guess that would be positive thing number 2 – that the fence cost far less than it could have!
A bit of a negative with that….before we knew we would have to do some work on the side fence, I had planted the plant Josh gave me for Mothers Day beside the fence. Unfortunately the straightening of the post there trashed the garden completely, and I lost everything I had planted for about an 8 foot run – including Josh’s flower. That made me very sad, and I honestly think that it was the final straw last week that pushed me into the period of depression.
Another bit of a negative – my jackass neighbour at the back, who whined and complained to the city that we weren’t getting the fence replaced fast enough is still a jackass. We have no contact/communication with them whatsoever, not even so much as a nod or a hello. I am furious that he reported it to the city. I could see if we were lousy neighbours with a history of not repairing things, but in the years we’ve lived here we’ve never given them any cause for complaint! No wild parties, no loud music late at night, no foul language out back, no destruction of property – hell, I even babysat their granddaughter some years back! So why the hell did he feel the need to get us in trouble with the city? Ah well, not my problem to worry about anymore. If he wants to be an ass, let him; I will find a way to get even someday. Karma has a way of levelling things out.
So that’s the positive for tonight – fence is done, I have my privacy back, I assume the city is happy since we’ve heard nothing from them, and I can once more enjoy my backyard in peace without the stress of orange safety fence mocking me.
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One Response to Positive vs Negative

  1. Mare says:

    Well, I am glad to hear some positive in your life. Life can be hard enough without asses for neighbors. Been there done that. I am glad you are emotionally feeling better. Hugs my friend.

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