Almost the end….

…of the school year, that is. Only three more days, today and Mon and Tues and then I’m off for two full months! I so need this time off. This year has been so stressful in so many ways and it just doesn’t seem to let up. Two days ago my mom was notified by her mailman that her porch is "unsafe to traverse" so until it is repaired he is suspending her mail delivery. She has flatly, absolutely, unequivocally refused to allow us to repair the porch in any way, so it is left to us to figure out how to make it so she can get her mail. Only thing I can think of is to buy her a mailbox and install it somehow at the bottom of the steps, not on the porch. Catch with that is, mom doesn’t go outside anymore, so it will fall to me to go clean out her mail several times a week. Lucky me.
And we still haven’t heard from the guys who are supposed to be digging our post holes for our new fence sections at the back, and my neighbour is getting downright miserable about it. I swear, I have lost every shred of respect I ever had for this man. Doesn’t matter how many times he complains to the city, the fence isn’t going to be fixed any faster! We’re stuck waiting for the post hole guys.
So yeah, the stress never lets up.
But in good news, I have scored brownie points with the new office manager of my company! I went out for fuel this morning, and as I walked into the office one of the dispatchers was on the phone. She saw me and her face lit up. She pointed at me. Uh oh, what have I done? Turns out the driver who does the other half of my St B run didn’t do his run this morning, so she sent me out right away to run through it and see if there were any kids still waiting. She had been called by one of the families, so I got those kids, but all the rest had been driven to school already. When I got back to the office, the new manager was sitting out there chatting with the ladies, and when I went in he said, "Ah, this is our hero of the morning!" I just laughed, and Irene and I talked about it for a few minutes, then I said to the new guy, "I assume you must be Terry?" He said yes, and that he didn’t think we’d met, but he knew I was Sue. We shook hands, and I told him I thought I knew him from way back, possibly BCI. He did go to BCI, but graduated long before me. So I asked if he’d gone to Central Baptist Church, and his face lit right up! Yes, indeed he had, but he didn’t think I’d gone there, had I. No, I explained, I went to Shenstone. Well, you’d have thought we were the best of buddies after that! We chatted for about 15 minutes all about people we’d both known from both churches!
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