I actually started this entry this afternoon, but something happened with one of my other windows and when I came back here, all my carefully typed stuff was gone! Vanished into oblivion. So I must begin again.
Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. I’m not much for Mother’s Day, being of the cynical opinion that if they can’t be bothered appreciating me the rest of the year, why should they bother to fake it for one day? We don’t usually do much to celebrate, just go out for lunch or dinner, and usually I get something from Paul. This year he really outdid himself though. He bought me one of those round metal firepits for our backyard! I’ve wanted one for ages, because I love sitting around watching flames, and once I learned how these firepits get around the bylaw prohibiting open fires, I was all for it! We got it put together the other night, laid a fire, and had a wonderful time out back! We all sat round it toasting marshmallows, and then Brianna had to show Josh how to make a spider dog, and of course the kids wanted to sing campfire songs. I suspect by the end of the summer though that I will be sitting out there all alone beside my fire more often than not. But that’s ok.
Yesterday Paul and I went out for a bike ride after dinner, out along the trails. I wondered if we might see deer, because they usually come out in the early evening, and we weren’t disappointed! We saw a single deer at one point, then a bit further on there was a group of three of them. We stopped to watch, and they seemed totally unconcerned that we were there as they kept on grazing and pulling up clumps of grass to munch on.
Overall it was a wonderfully relaxing, very pleasant weekend, which was a very good thing, because…
Last Monday I went to the doctor for my routine medical exam for my bus license renewal. We have to have a complete medical every three years, based on a form the Ministry sends out, and if the form isn’t returned, filled out fully, with acceptable answers, we can lose our class of license. Apparently my blood pressure is high. As in, 150/91. I was not impressed. Nor was my doctor. Though she’s not doing anything about it right away, she just wants me to monitor it on my own for three months, and hopefully I can get it under control.
Frankly, I’m not in the least surprised it’s up. The last time my bp skyrocketed like this was near the end of my pregnancy with Sean, following a period of incredible stresses over about 10 months, including the loss of two pets, loss of my father in law, repetitive strep throat incidents, being called for jury duty on my due date…and the list goes on. And that’s what I’m seeing again. I’ve been under a great deal of stress over the past 8ish months, and it just doesn’t seem to be easing off, so yeah, I’m not surprised at the bp.
What to do? Not much I can do, honestly. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke, I do get out for exercise in the form of brisk walks about three/four times a week, I do try to take time for myself, and I usually eat relatively healthily. So pretty much the only thing I can try to change is to lose some weight. Which wouldn’t hurt me at all. So that’s the approach for now. I’m trying not to let stuff bother me (easier said than done!) and I’m trying to get out for more walks, and I’m trying to eat even better to lose weight. Wish me luck.
I hadn’t been looking forward to summer much, which is odd for me because usually I love my summers off with the kids. I think the whole financial thing, and losing most of my pay for the summer was really weighing on my mind, however now that it’s eased a wee bit, I’m ok with collecting employment insurance for the summer. I guess if the government is willing to pay me a portion of my wages to just sit home and play with my kids, who am I to complain?
And on that note, I’m off to bed, for some much needed sleep.
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One Response to Updating…

  1. ♥ Aimee says:

    stay strong…playing with your kids should ease the stress…colouring is a great stress reliever for sure…and relax…things will work themselves you…

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