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  Meet my new tenant….     I am not impressed. Yes, that is my kitchen counter, with the toaster in the foreground. He looks huge in the photo, but the little ledge he is perched on is less than … Continue reading

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How utterly ironic…

  ..and of course there is more irony in the fact that only those who know me very well will get the irony in the first place…   On the third leg of my bus route I have several truly … Continue reading

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  Last night Sean went with his Cub pack to the Night Ops program at the Warplane Heritage Museum. They did this last year, but when I had dropped him off, I didn’t get to go inside, and he got … Continue reading

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  My kids and I have been playing PetVille on Facebook lately. We each created an adorable – in our eyes – creature, and are having fun furnishing our houses, cleaning up after other people, (which really could spawn a … Continue reading

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I am still here….

  …just haven’t bothered writing much over the holidays. Really, what is there to say about the holidays? We shopped, we wrapped, we unwrapped, we cooked, we ate. And we’ll do it all over again next year.   Probably now … Continue reading

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