I have to brag….

Remember how Brianna had such a horrible year in grade six, from which she never really bounced back in terms of marks? Her grade eight teacher rode her mercilessly, pushing her to do better and work harder, and she hated every moment of it. Her marks in grade eight were mostly in the 70’s with some higher marks in math.
Seems she’s starting to come into her own in school though. Her report card came home the other day, and I am so proud of her!
Her lowest mark was Math, 74%, but she admits she’s having a hard time with it because the teacher isn’t very good. I know this is true, because a friend of mine who is a teacher at the school confirms it.
She bagged an 84% in Science, 85% in Family Studies, and 87% in Gym!
Off to an excellent start for her high school career!
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2 Responses to I have to brag….

  1. Tom says:

    Kudos to her!! I and you both know that she is more than capable

  2. R U Serious says:

    WTG Brianna!! Give her some chocolate!! lol! I\’m glad all went well with your dog (except for you losing your chocolate!) and I hope you get more this Christmas.Have a Great week!!Bob~PS: My other dog, Buzz will be posting a rebuttal today!!

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