Hopelessly lost

Is it just me, or is everyone else hopelessly lost out there in Windows Live territory?
This morning it wouldn’t allow me to log into MSN unless I downloaded the new version. I didn’t want the new version. I liked the old version. I knew where everything was with the old version.
I have just spent nearly half an hour trying to figure out how to get to my space.  And even after that, the only thing I can figure to do is to scroll through the "What’s new" at the bottom of my contacts list, and click on someone’s blog post, then from there to click on the windows live link at the top. How ass backwards round about is that? If anyone has an easier way, do let me know. And don’t tell me to access it through my profile, ’cause I can’t even find THAT anymore! Very not happy here!
Every time MSN changes things, they make it more and more difficult to use their Spaces for blogging etc. Is it any wonder people are leaving and moving to other blogging areas? I hung on here I understood it here. I liked it here. But this latest update may well be the last straw. If we can’t find our space to use it, can anyone else find it to read what we’re writing? What’s the point anymore?
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1 Response to Hopelessly lost

  1. Barbara says:

    I have to find you and your blog thru your link on facebook or i wouldnt find you easily and i would miss reading your blog enormously

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