Assorted stuffs…

Today was "Bring your kid to work day" for grade nine students. The idea is for students in grade nine to accompany a parent to work and shadow them on the job, to see what working is really all about. Not much point in going with me – she essentially did that when she rode a bus to school herself! So Brianna trotted off to work with Paul today. Hehehehe.
Paul goes in a bit early, to get behind the scenes stuff done before the store opens, so they left here just after 7:30. Apparently by 9:30 she was tired, and her feet hurt. Half an hour later, Paul texted me – "I lost her to a sheet of bubble wrap!"
But once they got home, they both told me all about their day, and it seems she had a good time and didn’t really get in the way – well, not too badly.
Tonight Sean’s Cub pack had a trip to the Canadian Military Museum here. I’d never been there, but what little I saw looked interesting. He seemed to enjoy it, and was most impressed that they had a "real tank" there. They seemed to be stressing that the kids should be wearing poppies, and the boys were encouraged to attend the ceremony at the cenotaph on Nov 11, or at the very least, to wear their Cub uniforms to school that day. Sean’s quite enthusiastic about that!
Halloween was fun, if a bit different. Brianna had pretty much decided she’s too old to trick or treat, which, really, she is, so she got dressed up to stay home and hand out candy. Which meant that both Paul and I were free to accompany Sean! (and re-live our childhoods) It was quite odd, because this year we didn’t put the clocks back till after Halloween, so the kids started trick or treating while it was still broad daylight! We were half done before it truly got dark! Once we had done the two streets we normally do, we went home, and then Brianna joined Paul and Sean to head over to the haunted house. Someone living over on Eagle Ave does the most incredible haunted house in their driveway. They set up large tents and have all sorts of spooky stuff going on. The kids go over every year. They trick or treated their way there, so Brianna did get some candy.
As usual, our buses all had to be parked out at the yard to minimize vandalism, so I had to go back out on Sunday to pick mine up.
I was cleaning out my desk in the basement the other day and came across some greeting cards. One was from my former friend, Pat – the one who ended our relationship because she kept twisting round stuff I said and making it seem like I was insulting her. Inside the card was a lovely note about what a great friend I was, and how trustworthy, and how lucky she was to have a friend like me. So what changed? When – and how – did I go from being a great friend who always tried to do the right thing to being a catty bitch who got a kick out of making subtle and nasty digs at her? (her assessment, not mine) Is it any wonder I’m cynical about "friendship"? Oh, and the card got put in the recycling paper pile.
My kitchen mouse is back. Or his brother/sister/aunt/uncle/parent/cousin-four-times-removed. More mouse poopies in the drawer, and a torn open packet of gummy dinos. All gummy dinos eaten, I might add. So we’re on the lookout for a wee mousie with his mouth gummed shut from too many gummy dinos……
They tell me it’s 50 days till Christmas.
Do you want to kill "them", or shall I?
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1 Response to Assorted stuffs…

  1. Mare says:

    just for the record…you are NOT a catty bitch…I am so happy to have you back in my life…and as far as trust…who else would you trust to throw knives at you my dear friend???Huggles…

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