Baking cookies

I used to love to bake. At Christmas I would make all sorts of squares and treats. There was only one problem with this. We don’t entertain much, and Paul doesn’t have a sweet tooth, so guess who ended up eating the majority of the munchies? Yeah, that’s right, me. And I have the butt to prove it! So I stopped baking.
Then my mother in law started to bake. She experimented with various squares and treats, and guess who became her guinea pigs? Yeah, that’s right, us. I still have the butt to prove it.
One of the many things we are missing about Bev was her cooking and baking. No homemade pies for our Thanksgiving dinner. No cabbage rolls or lasagne. And no Christmas baking.
Last year we did without. But I didn’t seem to lose any of the butt. I did however, promise Brianna that this year we would bake some stuff together to fill the blank left by Bev’s passing. And then Brianna signed up to take Family Studies in school- which is really just a fancy name for what we old uns used to call Home Economics. But they haven’t actually cooked anything yet. So this weekend I decided we were going to start.
I wanted to choose something simple but yet something she would enjoy eating as much as baking. The obvious solution – Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies. I’d never made them before, but I found a recipe online, printed it off, and away we went. I picked up the chocolate chunks with my groceries, since I didn’t have those on hand.
She did all the work. I hovered. She measured, mixed, made, and even washed the dishes after! I offered advice, showed her where everything was, and offered moral support, but she did the work. And she enjoyed it!
I’m quite proud of her. And am looking forward to making other things….and trying different recipes…
They really were tasty…and I caught her munching one….
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