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Blog entry…

  Yesterday Brianna pointed out to me that I hadn’t posted a new blog entry in over 10 days, so here’s a blog entry, just for her. Advertisements

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I don’t often have weird dreams…

  …but when I do, well, they’re pretty psychotic! Last night is a perfect example….   I was taking my bus out to the shop, but it wasn’t really our shop, didn’t look anything like our shop, but I knew … Continue reading

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  Not that I celebrate Easter, but tis the season…   We do have Easter baskets for the kids, which the bunny fills with chocolate or small toys, but we’ve never made anything of it other than a spring celebration. … Continue reading

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Having a lovely weekend, thank you!

  So far, my weekend has been great! Thurs night was a bit busy as Paul had to work, which meant I had to get Brianna to work at a grading for 5:30, and Sean to swim class for 6:15, … Continue reading

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Photos of the re-decoration!

  As promised, I’ve added a few photos of Sean’s room post-redecoration. We’re quite happy with how it turned out.   And if you want to hear the story about the door that goes nowhere, you’ll have to ask.

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Been busy…

  First, the sad update of Cocoa the hamster. I found him today, actually still in the cage, but very dead. Very dead. As in, probably for most of the week we’ve been searching for him. Not pleasant, not pleasant … Continue reading

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April Fools day

  Oh, one of my bus kids got me good this year! I didn’t even think to prank them, but I have a good one lined up for next year!   This morning I went to my bus, half asleep, … Continue reading

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