I think it’s going to happen…..

I think we are actually, finally going to get the side wall of the house repaired, and the house sided! I can’t describe how delighted I am with this!
See, the top of the foundation of the house has been crumbling for ages. We had it fixed once, but the guy did a crappy job and it all fell out again. The contractor we’ve got now said he doesn’t believe there’s any damage to the house, or serious damage to the foundation because there aren’t any cracks showing anywhere. He thinks it’s strictly the parging that has crumbled. So the plan is….
To excavate the ground at the side of the house where the damage is, going right down to the footings, lay tile and gravel to aid drainage, then rebuild up the parging on the wall with wire mesh and membrane to seal against water penetration. Which means I should never again have a wet basement after a really heavy rain! To do this they’ll have to remove and later re-install our central air unit. Once all that is done, we are having the house sided! It’s going to look sparkly new and much, much better than it does now! This should all start in the middle of August, and take a week to a week and a half to complete. It may be a nasty process, but it’ll be soooooo worth it in the end!
And the other thing that means is that once the house looks better, I might actually be moved to deal with proper and respectable gardens! I’m starting to plan them out now, with perennials and lots of mulch to control the weeds. I’m thinking hollyhocks, tall phlox and coneflowers, with a couple bleeding hearts for the spring, and some assorted bulbs. And did I mention lots of mulch?
We’ve wanted to do this for ages, and it’s kind of hard to believe it is actually going to happen!
I discovered on facebook that someone who once visited us has posted an album of photos of her visit here. Without permission, I might add, but I guess the courtesies on that are kind of fuzzy with facebook. I lifted one of her photos of my house. The tree is gone now, and Brianna is much bigger, lol, but you can see the damage starting at the back corner at the bottom of the wall. The new siding will be a slightly lighter colour than the existing paint.
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