Up and down

As the title says, it’s been a real up and down couple of days.
Yesterday was the final day for both kids’ day camps. Sean was delighted to see his come to an end, Brianna not so much. She had a blast at the theater camp, and their final performance Fri afternoon was thoroughly enjoyable! Hilariously funny too! Her group did a play called "Twice Upon a Time", and considering they only had a week to pull it all together, costumes included, I was quite impressed. She was on a real high from that, and has decided that she definitely wants to take drama in high school.
Then last night she visited The Ex’s facebook profile and discovered links to photos of him with The Other Girl. Boom, down she came. Needless to say, that was devastating. This morning we had a chat about perhaps it not being a good idea to have him as a facebook friend, or at the very least, to avoid his profile, because it seems every time she goes there she finds something that upsets her.
She had pretty good karate classes today – The Ex is still noticeably absent, which is not a bad thing.
This afternoon Julie came over with Laura and Janson. We had intended it to be a pool party, but between the rain, the thunder and the lightning, it ended up being an indoor pool party….minus the pool – well, unless you count the water that leaked into the basement and pooled in the hallway….. (I phoned the contractor this morning about getting the work done on the side of the house, which will end that damp problem!)
The kids played well, and Julie and I talked, and talked, and talked. We’ve decided we’re going to make dates at least once a month to get out, just the two of us, whether it be for a movie, a night of scrapping, or just a Hortons visit for coffee. She’s also promised to take me to the Oxford Circus some night to see one of her former students who has been hired there to perform regularly. I had a wonderful day with her, and the kids had a great time – especially when the rain let up and the sun came out long enough for them to actually get in the pool! We decided to make life easy on both of us, and ordered pizza delivered for dinner.
Brianna enjoyed her day with Laura. The two girls have radically different personalities, and probably won’t ever be close friends, but they get along well enough. Sean and Janson played up a storm –  until Sean’s loose tooth became much looser, and he started to panic, fearing it would fall out. He has an irrational fear of losing teeth, working himself into quite a state when it appears such a loss is imminent. Once it actually falls out, he’s all calm again, but the process is quite frustrating. He was terrified to go to bed tonight for fear it would fall out in his sleep and he’d swallow it. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that’s a real possibility…..
And on that note, I should probably go check on him….
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