Oooh, baby!

Today I went out for coffee with my girlfriend. Well, she has the coffee, I have hot chocolate or diet coke, whichever I feel like. But we still call it "going out for coffee". We don’t do it as often as we should, even though we always have fun when we do. Today is a perfect case in point.
We had the oddest conversation, but it was probably the most fun I’ve had in weeks. We were discussing different actors/famous people/celebrities whom we find attractive. Our taste varies greatly, but that’s ok. I was telling her about a blog I had come across where the writer had been tagged to make a list of the top ten fictional characters with whom they would be willing (eager?) to have sex. My friend got this mischievous glint in her eye, which stopped me in mid-syllable. She grabbed her purse and, after rootling around for a moment, pulled out two pieces of paper and two pens. I didn’t need her to tell me what she had in mind. Giggling like a pair of school girls, the two of us sat there in a mostly-deserted (thank the spirits!) Tim Hortons and shielded our lists from one another as we scribbled down names. We must not be as imaginative as some, because we both got bogged down at 8 and couldn’t come up with any more. Once we had our lists, we compared, and had to explain why we found each of the men attractive. I tell you, it was the most fun I’ve had in ages! We giggled and laughed and just had a great time with this. Well, maybe you had to be there to see why we enjoyed it so much, but we did!
So in the interests of educating you all about me – and so I could gather together the pictures of the guys on my list for my friend to see all in one place – I am posting my list here. Now, it isn’t in the same order she originally saw it, because then I was just writing down names, and now I’ve sorted it into a "top ten" (ok, top eight) list.
The criteria….pick ten (sigh, eight) fictional characters or celebrities with whom you would be willing (eager?) to sleep, assuming there would be no consequences, you know, pesky things like husbands divorcing you, unexpected pregnancies from one-night stands, STD, you know what I mean.
So here’s my list…
Ok, obviously number 1 is Dr Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG1.
2. Col. Cameron Mitchell, Stargate SG1
3. Col. John Shepherd, Stargate Atlantis
And, speaking of coffee, we won’t even talk about the suggestive message in that picture!
4. Commander Chakotay, Star Trek Voyager
5. Ba’al, Stargate SG1 (Yeah, I know he’s a Go’auld, but oooh, he’s soooo sexy!)
6. Ronan, Stargate Atlantis
7. Mal Reynolds, Firefly
8. Rick Astley, singer (do not ask, simply do NOT ask!)
So there you have it my friend – you know who you are – ….all the pictures together for you to look through and be convinced that I am totally, completely insane, and have no taste whatsoever in men! LOL. See you tomorrow night!
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2 Responses to Oooh, baby!

  1. moongoddess says:

    Brilliant lol…really enjoyed this blog, yes..but I do have to ask you about \’Rick Astley\’.. *winks*. Your taste in men is absolutely supreme-you like the strong jawed, handsome \’would- look- good- in- a- space -rocket or fighter-jet- hero-\’ look lol. yummy. I have to admit though I have a notion of all men long haired and gothic! My mother used to despair when I was a teenager lol! yes and I never grew out of it. Though Mark had his long hair cut short today for an interview, which he is presently in as I write this. *fingers crossed\’. blessings earthspirit.

  2. megan says:

    Came across your blog and had to say something…..Love this list except… you forgot Tyr Anasazi from Andromeda…woooo. There certainly is something to be said for sci-fi guys lol. Oh yeah, and Dean from Supernatural. Add those 2 and our lists are pretty much the same lol.Have a good one! :o)

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